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Since 2013 we
turn creative ideas into
business opportunities.

01. Frenzy is a team

We are a team of 18 people, where everyone contributes their own knowledge, experiences, their own talent and inspiration to each project. A team that was created after a lot of effort and all members agree in their values ​​and ambitions.

02. Many tools into one

All of our services are about modern branding. Storytelling, programming, graphic design and photography as well as architecture, are our tools to build every business identity.

03. Our partners

We have described more than 450 brand stories and we have collaborated with even more companies, through various projects.


In our 7 years of operation we have shown a rapid development at all levels, however we feel that everything has just begun.


Our design team has been awarded 3 times in projects related to food packaging (Indianapolis Wine Awards / IOOC / Greek Label Awards 2019.


We face the future with optimism and stay informed about all modern trends of the digital age.


Frenzy Has Settled

Βorn in Thessaly and specifically in Volos. In 2014, Frenzy Projects London was founded, which publishes digital products, while from 2022, frenzy will announce an active presence in Athens - Mykonos - Luxembourg.

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