Petra Bakery


Our first goal was to respect the aspect of the traditional bakery and to reproduce all the feelings that arise once you enter one of these stores.  We created a clean logo, which combines the tradition - using the oven - with the modern life that is reflected in the solid fonts we have chosen. Ultimately, corporate identity is easily captured in all applications, from corporate clothing to unique packaging materials, while the important thing is that it can be successfully duplicated and provide the basis for a strong franchise.

Bakery model


Based on tradition, the greek products, the everyday life and the memories of the modern past, HBM-Hellenic Bakery Model-was created to spread the Greek Bakery and Pastry Model using Petra as a master tool.

Modern bakery


Petra bakery store is at the heart of the bustling urban life, in the city of Volos. Our goal was to create a sense of tradition and homemade warmth that would be diffused as soon as you enter the area, though without missing all the elements of a modern retailer, using dark gray wooden ceilings an dmodern. The smell of fresh bread welcomes customers and introduces traditional bread enthusiasts to the fermentation and baking technique, as everything is free to watch!

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Frenzy is an established and constantly developing company that constitutes the first Business Center in the Perfecture of Thessaly. With our services we can provide products of high aesthetics as well as utility, and end-to-end ideas for each project.

Currently, we have a dynamic team of 10 designers with professional technological expertise and in-depth knowledge of art and design. Our personnel is capable of providing high quality products to customers with forward thinking and unique concepts for the development of their marketing strategy.