Pergola Systems


Pergola company wanted a clear corporate identity while displaying their products in a client efficient way. Logo design was an intriguing task, believing that a minimal and elegant approach will compliment their current products .A linear design that follows the worldwide trend of minimalistic expression in branding and corporate presentation was born. By carefully noticing the logo you can see the shades which expresses that approach.

Exceptional shading systems


Website design is based in full screen images that display the products. Our goal was to create a perfect corporate website, with main features such as, easy navigation, quick product search and compatibility with all screens and devices. As usual, we have fully harmonized the color palette with the corporate identity, following a specific grid system which helps clients maintain their interest. This project is a masterpiece with an absolute focus on perfect product display, even from mobiles or tablets.

so what’s next?

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Frenzy is an established and constantly developing company that constitutes the first Business Center in the Perfecture of Thessaly. With our services we can provide products of high aesthetics as well as utility, and end-to-end ideas for each project.

Currently, we have a dynamic team of 10 designers with professional technological expertise and in-depth knowledge of art and design. Our personnel is capable of providing high quality products to customers with forward thinking and unique concepts for the development of their marketing strategy.