One of the most important aspects of any business, is branding. EMVY logo was created to express company’s stability and consistency, while inspiration, creativity and passion is spread all over, simply by looking the perfectly symmetrical finishes. Master colors as black and white are thought to be the most appropriate in order to blow you an air of confidence and know- how.

Rediscover your space


This particular project was a challenge, balancing between trends of modern design and solid forms, aiming to a target group that seeks reliable custom made furniture. Simple design in combination with a luminous color palete, was a one way road for us. The experience and consistency of the company towards its clients, is expressed with clean white as a master theme color, while the Agean blue, is used as a secondary color, in an attempt to express inspiration, creativity and passion. Large alternating images, create a sense of nobility and luxury, while custom made triangular icons complement this mosaic of impressions.

so what’s next?

are you ready?

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Frenzy is an established and constantly developing company that constitutes the first Business Center in the Perfecture of Thessaly. With our services we can provide products of high aesthetics as well as utility, and end-to-end ideas for each project.

Currently, we have a dynamic team of 10 designers with professional technological expertise and in-depth knowledge of art and design. Our personnel is capable of providing high quality products to customers with forward thinking and unique concepts for the development of their marketing strategy.