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E-Commerce Marketing

Learn more about ecommerce marketing and find out how you can use the most useful marketing tools to create a successful ecommerce marketing strategy.

There are several types of digital marketing that we can distinguish today, for example social media, content marketing, Google search engine and email marketing. ecommerce websites can use all the above types to promote sales and promote them.

What is e-commerce marketing?

E-commerce marketing is all those actions that lead to increasing the recognition of a business and the purchase of the product or service electronically.

Social Media Marketing

Most businesses are active on the most popular social networks today in order to connect with their audience and publish content.

Of course, not every social media channel serves the same needs for a digital campaign depending on the content we want to promote and the audience we focus on.

Instagram is the perfect platform for e-commerce businesses because it allows you to promote a product through a post and extend the reach of your product beyond the purchase page.

You can of course expand even more by giving the visitor the opportunity to buy the product directly from your instagram page. This includes creating a corporate account, linking products to Instagram, and strategically placed ads. Adding tags that transport users directly to a shopping cart helps eliminate friction from the buying process.

E-mail Marketing

Email Marketing is a great and economical way to reach your audience. It is a marketing tool like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media.

To start your promotion you must first build the Mailing List of interested recipients. Care needs to be taken here. We always send emails to people who have given us permission to do so (opt-in). Do not make the mistake of buying ready-made lists. There is a risk of seriously damaging your company’s reputation to email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc. as a result of which they send all your emails to spam (even if they do not deliver them).