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3 reasons why brand storytelling is the future of marketing

In today’s highly automated and digital society, where the Internet offers us ever-increasing convenience and instant gratification, human communication seems rare and precious.
In this environment, businesses can no longer afford to be impersonal entities. To survive, they must form strong bonds with the audience, target the emotion and engage with it on a deeper level than before. This is where brand storytelling comes in.
Brand storytelling is the connecting link between the events and the emotion that your Brand raises. In addition to giving your customers reasons to buy a product or service, your business needs to start sharing the story behind the Brand, why it exists and how important it is.
Brand storytelling is no longer a luxury, but a primary need to consolidate your business presence, profitability and influence.

3 reasons why brand storytelling is the future of marketing:
A) Because it helps companies stand out from similar efforts
The market is numerous and every day endless stories and content are created. Businesses are spending large sums of money around the world fighting for seconds of attention from audiences bombarded with similar messages. The Internet, on the one hand, has demystified marketing by making it accessible to all, and, on the other hand, has increased the degree of difficulty – for Brands that deserve and have quality – to stand out.
It is not enough to have a quality product or service, you need to know how to talk about it in a way that differentiates you from the crowd. That’s why Brand storytelling is so important.
Instead of feeding your audience data, statistics, and customer testimonials, focus on making your brand interesting, memorable, and real. Give your message through a story that can sensitize the audience, simplify the information and elicit an emotional response. Use storytelling to share the history, challenges, successes and value of your Brand, because no other Brand can copy your story.
Telling your story will not only increase your business position in the eyes of your audience, but it can be up to 22 times more important and memorable than any other event.
If you are wondering why you want someone to remember you, what is the message you want to convey to your audience and what you never want them to forget, you will understand that they would rather forget what you say but not the emotion that is evoked every time interact with your Brand. Your audience may forget what you are saying, but they will not forget the way they feel about your business (which is important, since emotions drive the market more than logic).

B) Because it creates something more than customers, a race

When creating your messages, think about what your audience really needs (other than a product or service).
In order for a Brand to be established in the consciousness of the public, something more than a product and service must be done and that is where storytelling comes in and is established. Think about what emotions, values and ideas you can offer to your audience. How do you want them to feel when they interact with you? What do you offer them each time they interact with your content? What matters to them is your brand, no matter what you sell.
Use your story to create a deep emotional connection: start conversations, ask for their engagement, introduce your audience to what you do as a business. Turn your Brand into a consumable experience – this will make customers who pay for your product or service follow the Brand in its successes and failures – and when they come – they will feel the need to support, they will unite like a tribe, they will follow it and each time they will return for more.
Once your audience trusts you, they will probably buy from you. At the very least, you will have established relationships with people who will be followers for years to come.

C) Because it helps you to be profitable but also human

A brand story can do much more than connect you to your audience, set you apart from your competitors and increase your profitability.
It can have a significant impact.
Nowadays, marketing is no longer the main competitive advantage. Consumers are increasingly demanding that companies demonstrate how their efforts are impacted by supporting a theory and achieving results beyond mere profit. It may seem like an irony, but knowing that a business cares about more than its profit, it gives consumers the incentive they need to buy more.
So there is a reason for your Brand to exist and it is important. The desire to “change the world” is no longer a cliché and as long as Brands act in this direction and are in line with their values, it seems that consumers are turning to what they feel is more “human”. It is no coincidence that the top 10 most impressive companies are at the same time on the list of the most profitable and fastest growing in the world.
So, the way to make your Brand more human is to rely on Storytelling – the oldest and most powerful tool for effective training. We are genetically programmed to love and respond to stories and an unforgettable story is exactly what people need to connect with your business, have a lasting positive impression of who you are and what you support and become loyal customers.
When creating your marketing strategy, don’t forget the big story: what makes you human? How do you affect people’s lives? How do you add a positive touch to society? In short, does your Brand have a soul?
People will feel this, they will buy from you before buying from a competitor that offers a similar product or service. In a crowded marketplace where everyone is focused on making things faster, more efficient and automated, being your own brand dares to be human. Show your customers that you care even if it means slowing down or doing things differently.
These are the Brands that stand out and eventually become legends.