Digital Marketing 2019: 5 trends that seem to thrive

2019 seems to be the year of multiple changes in the field of digital growth and digital marketing. New trends will come forth while others won’t.

  1. Virtual Reality section will have no significant changes due to lack of interest, unless it concers the field of Health. The main reasons why virtual reality does not find such a response, are the lack of consumer interest, the cost of development and the lack of compatibility.
  2. Voice searche will continue to grow. According many predictions, in the next few months, almost 50% of searches in the United Kingdom will soon be voiced. This means that voice search should be included in the overall marketing strategy.
  3. The development of blockchain technology and how it affects search marketing, seems to be very interesting.
  4. Greater emphasis is given to the combination of colors in the design of the web pages. Many designers are looking for ways to enhance the wider user experience online by choosing the right color choice.
  5. Finally, it is of great interest to see the role that the further development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) will play and how it will affect marketing strategy. It is important to focus on how it will be used to benefit both consumers and businesses. The biggest burden lies in the development of chatbot and how these will be used to meet the challenges of businesses.


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