Enter the Kaleido World

When you see her, you can bet her name is Kaleido. After you meet her, you know that her name is Elli, but now you are more eager than ever, to enter her Kaleido world!

A geometric and perfectly symmetrical logo was crafted exclusively for these pieces of artwork, that combine ethnic elements using metal, bronze and semi-precious stones, colored braids with various prints, pon pon and fringes.

Handcrafted yet corporate, you can trully get to know Kaleido when you follow her at social media or visit her motivating website, where you can see all her inpirations though various collections and videos.

Take a look at: http://kaleido.gr

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Frenzy is an established and constantly developing company that constitutes the first Business Center in the Perfecture of Thessaly. With our services we can provide products of high aesthetics as well as utility, and end-to-end ideas for each project.

Currently, we have a dynamic team of 10 designers with professional technological expertise and in-depth knowledge of art and design. Our personnel is capable of providing high quality products to customers with forward thinking and unique concepts for the development of their marketing strategy.